MEDIA : what is the choice of second years ?

2 octobre 2020

A survey was carried out in the second year class at the Institut Supérieur de Journalisme de Toulouse. Radio, TV, editing or even the written press, everyone chose their favourite media…

Of the 22 second-year students at the Higher Institute of Journalism, 18 agreed to take the survey. We can see that the written press is the most popular media with 33% of the votes. In second place, it would seem that television, editing and radio came in equal second with 17% of the votes. Photography comes in 5th position with 11% of the votes. The web comes last with only 5% of the votes, only one student is interested in this media. We can hardly interpret the results since the sample is relatively small. I think we would have had a more accurate picture if we had surveyed all groups. However, we can deduce that the majority of second-year journalists will go to a print newspaper, and the minority to a web-based media. 

lucie lescastreyres

Lucie Lescastreyres, étudiante en première année de journalisme, curieuse et intéressée par tous les sujets. Expériences dans la radio et la presse écrite. Anciennement coordinatrice du projet Radio Campus Agen.

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