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Live like a goldfish among sharks. Journalism is stressful, the second year then appears as a bubble of fresh air for the students. At

Collection of class interviews

For the love of the profession, to perfect one’s pen, and because training is always useful. The US team reveals interviews of the second

Reportage: At the heart of the pen of future journalists

Right in the centre of Toulouse, the Institut Supérieure de Journalisme receives and teaches the information profession to numerous students. In their quest for

Digital advantage for new generation

Since the creation of the world wide web in 1983, the internet has exploded. On our days, the technologies device invaded our life. You

The perfect journalist

Does the perfect journalist exist? Not sure. But we can always try to create it. The photographic skills of one, the general culture of

Become a journalist : between dream and hard reality

Every years, they are a lot to dream about a career of journalism but the job is not that close. The reality of profession

Portrait of Eva Kruyver : the bubbly budding journalist

Eva Kruyver, a second-year journalism student at the ISJT, went back to school in Toulouse. « Dynamic, playful and smiling », as her classmates describe her,

Tell me what’s true.

« It’s totally fake news. Made a fake run through the same stories as you ask me the same questions. Four years ago, I

Profile of second year students

With this exceptional context due to the coronavirus epidemic, it is difficult to find an internship in journalism. But second year students at the

US-The Inspired

In journalism, each has preferences. JRI, written press and radio…  In The 5W some students of Second Year know what they love. Even better,