© Amin Abdullahi

Since the creation of the world wide web in 1983, the internet has exploded. On our days, the technologies device invaded our life. You can’t live without a device and internet connection. And our generation, Generation Z, are the most impacted. Even on our opinion and the way we get information.

 The society knows a lot of change, than impacted the life of millions people. All the news innovations have to involve our life conditions. Health, travel or even work. They are impacted by evolution, and change of the dayly life.

All the generation agrees and accept these changes to their way. Generation X is older, they’re more reluctant to the change. The generation Y is more polyvalent, and can switch for the news tendencies. 

The generation Z was born on the explosion of internet and the digital, they are adapted

If digital technology has considerably changed the structure of companies, its even change how people get the information. For all the generation, there are deep changement.

The generation X and Y on their time, waited for the information come, they didn’t reach to the information by themselves.

Especially because they didn’t have the means. That’s difference now, when you need you can research information and use a lot of ways to even check the veracity. The digital brought some diversity on the information.

The media have adapted to these changes. With the digital the public getting the information on their phone, immediatly. Than the media create apps to allow them, to get the information wherever and whenever they want.

Some media decided to acced to the digital and keep their original support and others of them decided to just work by the digital and the social media. Like Brut or Kombini. Moreover, digital allows the media to use the same support but to adapt the format how they want. That’s giving a diversity on the information and the way you get it.