An ISJT student with her internship agreement in hand. @raymond

Live like a goldfish among sharks. Journalism is stressful, the second year then appears as a bubble of fresh air for the students. At the turning point in the scholarship at isjt. It arises there.

Between the first and the last year. Not the end yet, but not the beginning either. It’s a year where everyone knows each other. We have our sorrows, our friends. But we are more hesitant to put them aside to work as a team. It is also a year of transition. Each of us begins to have clear ideas about what we want to do later. Written press, radio or television, each his own. The whole class has already had professional experiences. This year they will even last 6 months. Past experiences allow us to direct our research. This back ground also allows students to have a refined vision of journalism today. You will understand, this magazine is about us. A small part of us. A piece of us.