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A day with a retired man in the countryside…

Sleep. Eat. Sleep. Eat. Sleep. Eat. Is this really the everyday life of all retired? I can tell you no. We went to meet
10 novembre 2017

Rap Music, the lightning ascent

This last year, Rap music has been invading French territory. Everybody listens to Rap, whether they like it or not. This type of music,
10 novembre 2017

Vallègue : One tiny village, many memories

I want to pay a tribute to my village, my childhood village. Vallègue. Vallègue is a little city like hundred of thousand others in
10 novembre 2017

Urbex, the hunt for abandoned buildings

In the heart of the city or on the outskirts, abandoned buildings the quest of urban explorers, to photography lovers. We have met with

Saint-Pierre square: crazy night

The Saint-Pierre square is the real place to be for Toulouse youth. A place to relax during the day, but also the place of

Basketball in Toulouse : An orange ball in a pink city

In Toulouse, sport has settled for a long time. In first national leagues : football, rugby, volley and handball. Even if basketball is well developped

Seriously, you do not know the Grave ?

The Dome de la grave is one of the most important monument of Toulouse. But a lot of toulousains do not know what it

Malabar, the artist !

To draw is an art. Charbel Jabbour chooses tattooing “to bring it alive”. Malabar, his artist name, has an unusual experience. Today, he is

Paranoïd but ambitious

Have you ever heard about Paranoïd ? That word may remind you of Radiohead or even Black Sabbath songs, but here we’re talking about

What do you prefer: paddle or padel ?

If I tell you « padel », what do you think it is?  Probably paddleboard. This sport which looks quite alike surf. The point is to surf