The expat American Democrats from Toulouse gathered to vote on the occasion of Super Tuesday Joe Biden and Bernie Saunders are the main front-runners of the Democratic presidential race ©Kenza Gdx

Fourteen US states voted on Super Tuesday, but not only those living in America. US citizens living overseas are making their voices heard in the Democratic primaries, and they do have a say.

In Toulouse, south west France, expat American Democrats gathered on the occasion of Super Tuesday. Even in the pouring rain, the voters eagerly went to the polls of the Democrats Abroad, the official arm of the Democratic Party for American expats. Acoording to Zev Peretz, expat since 2005 , « It’s a very important election this year ». Many voters confirm it’s a defining day. « The American expat community is following this election very closely. Expats are very concerned by what’s going on with Trump administration for the past 4 years », explains Scott Stroud cheer of Democrates Abroad in Toulouse. Even if they live outside the country, the electors want to keep a point of honour in inserting themselves in the political life of their country. « People question why if we’re not living in America we should vote. But many of our rights are affected overseas so we need to continue to have a voice in the elections », declares Arlette Fougeras Lavergnolle.

American expats want to have a significant impact on the election. « I’m convinced that we we’ll have a very big turn out for the Primaries also in November. We can tip the balance in states like Florida for example.  » affirms Scott Stroud. Democrats Abroad counts as its own state party. It gets its own set of 21 delegates, though people can also choose to vote in the last state where they used to live. With approximately three million potential voters outside the United States, their constituency is large and can definitely have a powerful impact