Protest for abortion
Protest for abortion/ ©James McNellis- CC BY 2.0

On the 8 october the  conservators won in Texas.  After several days of blocking the controversial text of abortion. Now, the abortion is almost forbidden after another twist and turn.

From the first september to the 6 october « Texas Heartbeat Act » was applied. The government of Joe Biden put pressure under the federal judge. Results, the law was blocked for two days. Plot twist Texas aka The cowboy town has now one of the  most restrictive laws in the United States. Abortion is  not completly forbidden but the women will not have the time to be aware of their pregnancy. Because once the embryo’s heartbeat is detected they will have only six weeks to decide. The laws does not provide for an exception in cases of rape or incest. They actually behave like they are stuck in a far west movie. Come on  guys, this period is old fashioned.

If a snitch sues people or organizations that help women have illegal abortions, they will receive at least $ 10,000 in compensation if they are convicted. It reminds of the old wanted dead or alive.

Abortion in woman’s eyes

« Abortion is supposed to be a personal way, it should only be about a woman and her body, I think that we  shouldn’t even be fighting it should be a logical right” Said Lila a 19 years american student.

She goes on and says that for her, protesting in the streets is no longer a waste of time. “I can’t believe people are really fighting against this cause ! Because at the end of  the day they are not putting their body  into pain.

The young lady highlighted the difference between France and the USA about the fight for their right : “It is in the  French gene’s to demonstrate. In France protests are full of emotion, but in the United States, they are not used to that”. Unlike Texas, in France women have twelve to fourteen weeks to abort. Eloïse, a French student, feels privileged as a woman. “It seems absurd that such a fundamental right is not granted for every woman in the world”.

She thinks that banning  abortion “make poverty problems worse. If an already struggling family is forced to keep an unwanted child, that child will be poor too. We are fortunate in France to have a choice ! ».

Lila open up about her family history and  the decision of  her mother’s to abort a long time ago.“ She felt uncapable of  raising  a child because of her young age; The decision was immediate but she never regretted it. Some people told her it was selfish to kill a foetus. It didn’t really affected her because she knew that if these people were in their position, they would have done the same. And that applies to most people who protest against abortion. »