An ISJT student with her internship agreement in hand. @raymond

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, many ISJT students have found themselves faced with internship cancelled, or the inability to find an internship. Abal Kassim and Melanie Roland were unable to complete any work experience this year.

The coronavirus epidemic currently affecting the world does not seem to be stopping. So many professionals and students are moving forward in the fog. Among professionals there is always the possibility of teleworking. However, for students it becomes more complicated, especially when it comes to internships. A situation that students unfortunately experienced a few months ago. In the Pink City, the Institut Supérieur of Journalisme of Toulouse (ISJT) saw its students confronted with this problem. The classes of Prépa 1 and Prépa 2 as well as the first year class were affected by Covid-19. Between internships postponed or cancelled, the students had to adapt to the events.

« I had to cancel my internship »

This is the case of Mélanie Roland and Abal Kassim, two first-year students. One was to take off for his native island, Mayotte, the other had planned to join a media in Toulouse. As a result, it did not turn out this way. For Mélanie, the disappointment is great. She was put on hold for almost three months. « I had found an internship at La Dépêche du Midi edition Toulouse. It was not cancelled directly. The editorial staff left me on hold, telling me that my internship could start at any time. When I arrived at the beginning of June they told me it was over. I was disgusted. » Abal was deprived of a plane to go to Mayotte. « I had to do an internship in Mayotte weekly. I hoped for a long time that the health situation would change. I had to cancel my internship. »

He want to keep the hand

While the other students in their graduating class did a telework placement, Abal and Melanie couldn’t stand still. So Abal went, « after two months of waiting at Radio Occitania. I wanted to keep a radio voice and at the same time be able to write so I wouldn’t lose my touch. » Indeed, in journalism it gets lost quickly. Especially for Melanie who joined the school this year. « The school’s 5W website was mandatory for me to keep my touch too. I did that all June. » At first both students seemed to be discouraged at the idea of not doing their internship. They still managed to make up for it in spite of the circumstances. A five-month internship awaits them in mid-October.