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« Charlie’s Car Cleaning » : A Briton with his taxi cab has created an original concept in the « Pink City »

Cleaning your car without moving ? That’s Charlie’s project ! This British man living in Toulouse has invented the original concept of cleaning your
8 février 2019

When a story meets the History

This is a story that France didn’t really pay attention to: the harkis turned their back to Algeria. People who fought for french cause
13 novembre 2017

The American Cosmograph : A place of history and emotion

The American Cosmograph is one of the most famous cinema in Toulouse. This place has welcomed Art for over three decades. This cinema stands
10 novembre 2017

Why bookstores are my happy place ?

 I am a great reader and a compulsive books buyer. I can spend hours and hours in a bookstore to stare at the same
10 novembre 2017

The homeless

There are everywhere on the streets, begging for some money or some food. There are homeless. Usually, we do not know what to do
10 novembre 2017

Arnaud Bernard’s storyteller

Among the shops, the bars, the cigarette resellers and the parking lot of Arnaud Bernard area, there is man walking here and there, telling
10 novembre 2017

Moïse the Olive Tree’s history

Olives Trees have many meanings: strength, immortality, hope … Sandra chooses to plant one in the memory of her father. Flash back on the
10 novembre 2017

The story of a stranger during coffee time

Wednesday afternoon, the sky is grey, the weather is cold. Sitting outside of a coffee shop, while her cup has been served on the
10 novembre 2017

Teenager’s wound, life lesson

Everybody is confronted to hard times. The most important is to find the strength to move on, one way or another. Emy’s teen years
10 novembre 2017

Doing sport to change

Before i discovered sport I was a young girl without any self confidence and a body that didn’t fit me. I needed to get
10 novembre 2017