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American expats « can tip the balance » on Super Tuesday

Fourteen US states voted on Super Tuesday, but not only those living in America. US citizens living overseas are making their voices heard in

Joe Biden VS Bernie Sanders: Who will take on Donald Trump?

The Democratic presidential race emerged from Super Tuesday with two clear front-runners: Joe Biden and Bernie Saunders. These two candidates represent competing wings of

Even abroad, Americans are fighting to get rid of Trump

This week is a really important one for Americans. From Super Tuesday, on March 3rd, to Saturday, March 7th, Democrats are voting for their

Old candidats but young Democrats

Today, is Super Tuesday. Every first Tuesday in March in a presidential election year, « Democrats Abroad » are invited to vote for the primaries. In

« Beers for Bernie » – expatriate Bernie fans unite around beers in Toulouse

In Toulouse, Americans are campaigning for Bernie Sanders, a favourite for the Democratic primary in the United States. Convinced that their vote can make

Democratic primaries : looking for the candidate who can beat Trump

According to the latest polls, Bernie Sanders would be first in the Democratic primaries. But moderates in his own party think he would be

« Charlie’s Car Cleaning » : A Briton with his taxi cab has created an original concept in the « Pink City »

Cleaning your car without moving ? That’s Charlie’s project ! This British man living in Toulouse has invented the original concept of cleaning your
8 février 2019

When a story meets the History

This is a story that France didn’t really pay attention to: the harkis turned their back to Algeria. People who fought for french cause
13 novembre 2017

The American Cosmograph : A place of history and emotion

The American Cosmograph is one of the most famous cinema in Toulouse. This place has welcomed Art for over three decades. This cinema stands
10 novembre 2017

Why bookstores are my happy place ?

 I am a great reader and a compulsive books buyer. I can spend hours and hours in a bookstore to stare at the same
10 novembre 2017