One of the remaining bookstore in Toulouse. Photo / Crédit Wendy Le Neillon

 I am a great reader and a compulsive books buyer. I can spend hours and hours in a bookstore to stare at the same shelves. My average budget for reading ? About 50€ each time I have the great idea to go to a bookstore and it’s very often.

Heaven on Earth

In my favourite bookstore in Toulouse, there are books all over the place, the shelves cover all the walls in the room and there is several books floors. Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Dystopia, Contemporary, Classics, etc… All literary Genres are put together in order to draw our attention to different horizons. I always liked to read and I feel good when I am surrounded with thousands of books. Like I said, I can spend an entire afternoon or even a day exploring bookstores to see what’s new. Unfortunately for my bank account, when I come out, I have 4 or 5 new books in my bag. Wait, not exactly… Actually, books are in my hands because there is no place for them in my bag! I know the shelves of my favourite bookstores by heart and if I could, I would buy every single one.Do you know what is my life goal ? To have a gigantic bookshelf at home.

Why YOU should read as well!

Do you know what is the best thing about reading? Imagination. While you’re reading, you create your own movie. The description in the books help us to develop our ability to imagine an entire world and the characters. My favourite thing about that is when you will think about the amazing book that you have read, instantly, the movie you created will appear in your mind. This imagination takes you on the road of adventures and it’s an incredible journey. In my opinion, a good book is one which can take you in another universe and you will remember it for a long time for sure. Books are just waiting for us to pick them up and live fantastic adventures. Also, reading helps to improve your skills like writing. The main reason I don’t make misspellings is my love for reading. I have learned more vocabulary as well. Also, to be part of the reader’s community is so great because you can talk about your readings with people as passionate as you are and you can feel their excitement. Those are the mains reasons why you should read, and bookstores should become your happy place as well.