The story of a stranger during coffee timeWednesday afternoon, the sky is grey, the weather is cold. Sitting outside of a coffee shop, while her cup has been served on the table, Honorine, a student in business, takes time to tell some bricks of her life.

The 26-year-old girl, pursues a Master’s degree in business, in Toulouse. She wants to get a job that will allow her to travel and to meet different people. “I’ve always liked to travel. Already, as a child, I liked to travel a lot with my parents. I have been in Germany, in Vietnam, in Brazil or in Thailand. Later on, I worked for several months in Spain, three months in England and I spent one year in Australia “.Honorine is an adventurer, she never gets tired. “I like discovering new cultures, meeting people. It is always pleasant to have a chat with foreigners “While stirring her coffee, she concludes “the best when you travel is of course to eat new dishes“. She starts laughing.
While working in tourism, as a hotel’s critic, a stewardess and many other jobs, allowed to realize this goal. Today, Honorine chooses to work in the sale business. “I always wanted to be in the sale business. It is a field which fits to me well “. She adds a sugar cube in her cup and starts again. “I would say that I am a real talkative person. I have a lot of energy, I am open minded and I am rather inclined to convince people. And I have to admit: “When you do well in the sale business, you can not complain about the pay”.

« I fell in love with this city »

Honorine is not discouraged by the cold and she ends her story. From Brive-la-Gaillarde now she lives in Toulouse “I chose to study in Toulouse because the city is beautiful and pleasant. The city center is wonderful, I particularly like to read on the Quais de la Daurade, near the Garonne “. A city she likes to discover, and which fulfills her intellectual needs. « The city is very interesting, it is full of places to be visited: the Saint Sernin basilica, the Saint Etienne cathedral, the Capitol area, the royal garden, the Japanese garden… “At this moment, museums and exhibitions give rhythm to my weekends. Recently, I went to the Saint Raymond museum, it is excellent, and I do recommend it! “.
The peaceful student is under the charm of the pink city. “I fell in love with this city “she says with a smile. “ I love walking around the morning market of the Capitol, going through the numerous books stands of the storekeepers. It is a very dynamic city, there is a lot of young people, there are lot of students, and of course, a lot of bars! In the evening, with my friends, we enjoy making the most of it, before we get tired. Up until now, our record is eight bars in one night “. She swallows the remains of her coffee, bangs her spoon on her cup. This is the sign that our discussion is reaching an end.