In Toulouse, sport has settled for a long time. In first national leagues : football, rugby, volley and handball. Even if basketball is well developped at the national level, it’s more confidential in Haute-Garonne. Tristan Vigneau gives us some explanations. He is the Hoops Factory’s manager, a room where the orange ball is queen.

Some fates need a springboard to find the promised land. Since September 2016 : the opening of the Hoops Factory (HF) center in the Sept Deniers, basketball may have found its own. But… why does it stand in the shadow of the other sports ? « This sport had its glory hours. Today, it’s a growing business » recognized Tristan Vigneau. In Toulouse, rugby and football are dominating. Indoor, we are in competition with handball and volley ».

The historic dimension of these clubs is responsible for the basketball lack of notoriety. Today, the orange ball is represented by « the girls of Toulouse Metropole Basket, who have been on the top league for a longtime now, Hoops Factory manager says. The Toulouse Basket Club (TBC) tries to get its leading position again ». Actually, the link between TBC and HF represents a big asset, thinking about the future years…

Crossed destinies

In one year, HF had the opportunity to come closer to the TBC. Tristan Vigneau and the club are about to « sign an agreement with a real trade in return. We will give an access to their players, and we will be present on their visual communications. We will be their partners ». To the TBC members, HF’s room represents a real advantage. HF’s manager underlines that he hopes to « work hand in hand. We distribute tickets, we welcome players. During the games, we add some entertainment during half time ».

TBC embodies sport which has to make its way in the Pink City. Last season, the basketball team was promoted. But finally, the club didn’t access the third league and it stayed on Nationale 2. « TBC didn’t have the budget, it was so limited to give it a try », Tristan Vigneau regrets. « There is a lack of support from the local powers… ». But the HF intends to do the job to reverse the trend.

Fun first

HF philosophy is clear : « we don’t only want to attract basketball clubs players, we develop basketball for all publics, HF manager says. This sport is trying to a new way, based on the economic model of the  »Five soccers » ». Many events are organized to allow everybody to play. « We are everywhere », Tristan Vigneau smiles. « We organize tournaments with the Comité Départemental and Ligue Régionale. But we do the Legend Tournament, in which people over 35 can play, every first Sunday of the month ».

Moreover, another championship takes place on the HF : the « NBA Hoops Factory Tournament ». This name can be explained by the jerseys of the players : « they represent the 30 north american teams. And for the winner, it’s the jackpot. The HF offers tickets and hotel accomodation to go to NBA Global Games ». Tristan Vigneau concludes : « 2017 was very positive for HF. We still have big goals ». Therefore, it’s forbidden to miss the rebound…

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