Infography : The multimedia era and the new journalist

2 octobre 2020

At a time when the Internet is nibbling away at the world, when images are invading our society and when information has become a source of rapid consumption, the journalist is divided.

Television, written press, radio, photo, web, the profession is getting richer. Where, in the past, it was necessary to specialize in one media, today the journalist must become multimedia. Multimedia, this « set of techniques and products that allow the simultaneous and interactive use of several modes of information representation », according to the definition of the Petit Larousse.

This adjective that is generally used to qualify online content and which has become personified, to the point of qualifying a person. The apprentice journalist of 2020 must know how to juggle radio, print, JRI, maquet, web or photo. At least, that’s what he or she must get used to when following the ISJT’s school curriculum. This Toulouse school is taking the gamble of no longer specializing its students. And for good reason, the profession is evolving. Testimonial account of the first years of a student at the ISJT. Between studies and first professional experiences, what should a young journalist’s skills be?

New journalist, the multimedia era
© Aurélie Rodrigo
© Aurélie Rodrigo

Aurélie Rodrigo

Étudiante en deuxième année à l’ISJT, écris pour La Dépêche du Midi Toulouse, pour LnYou et pour La Revue section lecture. Passée par Paulette Magazine, en projet de création de podcast. Passionnée de culture et de société.

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