Saint-Pierre square: crazy night

6 octobre 2017

At night, bars’ terraces and restaurants are even busier.

The Saint-Pierre square is the real place to be for Toulouse youth. A place to relax during the day, but also the place of all excesses, at night.

Wednesday evening, 8.10 P.M, sunset on Saint-Pierre square. In a corner of the stairs towards the Garonne, Yannick is playing samba with his guitar and a hat on his head. Many people pass behind him, joggers after work, students or tourists, often in groups.

Jacques, 40, came alone. « I’m in a photo club. This is the « blue » hour, the perfect moment to take pictures, » he says while, using his mobile phone.

« The barman can place a meter of shooters »

Everyone wants to find their happiness on Saint-Pierre square. At night, bars’ terraces and restaurants are even busier. Some have a voluntarily provocative name, like « Le saint des seins » , or « La couleur de la culotte » or a familiar name like « Chez tonton » . It’s the place of all excesses according to a customer, « the barman can place a meter of shooters ! » In a famous fast food, it’s quieter, but: « for me, it’s not calm, » said the waitress standing alone at this moment.
Time flies and people keep on enjoying their night at Saint Pierre square. « Chez tonton », people are singing Claude François, and « On va s’aimer », with no restrictions on drinks… that means alcohol.

« Thursday, friday and saturday night are worse »

Near the Garonne, Moustapha, 30, is waiting for his friend he was supposed to pick up. He thinks that, « it’s good to have fun, but people got to paid attention about what they’re doing when they’re drunk. »

When it is 2.30 A.M, « Chez tonton » closes. Hundreds of young people are released on the street. Dominique, 50, observes. He is a cityhall employee. He’s been cleaning the place for 14 years. He smiles, but doesn’t like the scene. « Today, it’s calm, he says. On thursday, friday and saturday night are worse. » Dominique is the father of six boys. None of them has their daddy approval to come here.


Bryan Faham

Étudiant en troisième année de journalisme, j'écris aussi des news business pour Freshr.

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