« Democrats Abroad » gathered in Carson Restaurant to vote for the Primaries. © Tristan Failler

Today, is Super Tuesday. Every first Tuesday in March in a presidential election year, « Democrats Abroad » are invited to vote for the primaries. In Toulouse, these primaries are taking place at The Carson Restaurant in Saint-Cyprien. The two main candidates are over 70 years old, yet they both offer solutions for America’s youth.

Vintage neon lights, the American flag on the table… today in Toulouse we are in the USA. At The Carson Restaurant, expatriates are coming to make their voices heard. Many young people have showed up for this special event. For them, it is important to be here today. « It’s a great day in America, an important political moment, » says Rachel, 28 years old, an expatriate from Washington who has been living in Toulouse for two years. « To prepare my vote, I’m following the political news, listening to podcasts about Super Tuesday. I think we have a clear civic responsibility. I’m happy for this opportunity, even though I live in France » she said. “I’ve listened to debates and have researched this Primary” adds Trevor, 24 years old, an expatriate from Texas.

When we talk with Sam or Rachel about the age of the candidates, it’s not an important factor. « I’m not embarrassed by his age, and even if I were embarrassed, I wouldn’t have much choice since they’re all in their seventies” says Sam (age 31). « For example, Sanders and Biden are almost the same age, but to me Sanders seems livelier than Biden » he adds. Rachel agrees. “I don’t care how old they are, I just want them are to be able run a good campaign and win”.

Free public college and interest rates

This year, there are two favourite candidates to represent the Democratic Party, Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden. In their programs, they the offer different topics and both have an accent on improving the future of young people. Sam, a New York expatriate, has chosen Sanders’s side. « Like Bernie Sanders, I’m not really a Democrat, I’m more socialist. I chose Sanders primarily for his youth program, including free public college”. The Vermont Senator would ‘guarantee all public colleges, universities, HBCUs (History Black College and Universities), minority-serving institutions and business schools tuition and debt’ explains his campaign website. One more point, and not less important, he would like to lower interest rates from 5% to 1,88%.

USA may have a old Democratic candidates, but who have lot of propositions to help American youth to improve their lives